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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Who is behind the label of DLD???

That would be me!  For those that wonder who and what I do:
I am a fashion accessory/clothing artist since the early 80's and received my trademark in 1994.  I do custom designs for both my private clients and celebs (as seen on my website).  I sell to select boutiques around the world and showcase in both galleries and museums.  (I am NOT a retail boutique nor do I sell my work on line so that I am not competing with my boutique owners.).
I open my showroom/studio to the general public at least twice a year in partnership with other local charities in Houston; the rest of the year I can be found in my studio doing what I love "CREATING" and other times meeting with private clients do design a custom piece----in which they become a part of the "design team"!  (SO MUCH FUN!)
That pretty much sums up who I am and what I until next time have a beautiful holiday season!  xo....debilynn

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Spring Trends for 2015....

another peek into what is on my design table for Spring 2015!